Blackjack History & Blackjack Review - A History Revising

The whole blackjack history in our online blackjack review - get to know how it all have begun centuries ago.

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Blackjack Review: Card Games Of The Past Century

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The history of blackjack is long and old enough. We'll make a blackjack review on the appearing of the game.

Blackjack Origins

It all began in Europe with the numerous alike games such as "Thirty-One" or "Vingt-un". The modern blackjack refers to both of them. In the last one the target number was 21 as it is today in blackjack. However, it was proven that "Thirty-One" appeared much more earlier among the others. Andits rules became the base in well-known blackjack - to score a hand as close as it is possible to the target number.

Due to "Thirty-One" we can say in our blackjack review that blackjack has specific Italian roots. But some historians state that blackjack is a Spanish card game. Others are insisting on the French origin. Though it wasn't proven, we inclined to Italian version.

Our blackjack review will also expose the light on the traditional blackjack rules and they did appear. Blackjack today is the game that is played all over the world. How it came to America - we'll tell you in blackjack review.

The Origin of Rules

One of the interesting rules in Blackjack is Busting. Many facts tell that Busting came into the game of Blackjack in early 17-th century from Italian game of that epoch - "Seven and a Half". By the rules of the game it was meant that players hit the cards till some specific cards total, which were 7½.
The players had to score this value without exceeding over it. If the player receives 8 points in subtotal or even higher that meant he was busted. Card suits haven't mattered at all. If the players achieve 7½ - then he wins money. The main difference between this game and blackjack according to our blackjack review - is that the dealer in 7½ had all the options that players had.

Blackjack and the USA

After French Revolution blackjack has moved on to USA, because in France that was the time of strict laws in the gambling sphere, while in the US it wasn't. In US the game received its name of "Twenty one". It became very popular; players began to create tips and strategies on the game.
The game of "Twenty One" remained with new rules and bonuses about so-called Natural Hand. The payout for receiving this hand increased up to 3:2. If the player got the hand of an Ace and a black jack then it was called a Natural Hand and special bonus proposition was the payout 10:1. And this is how the Blackjack got its name.

 So as you can see, the game of Blackjack counted its history in many years before it was actually called so. The game achieved the peak of popularity with the outcome of one of the tremendous books on gambling - "Beat the Dealer" authored E. Thorp. The book consisted of mathematical strategies how to beat the dealer and gain the house.