Professional Blackjack Gamblers: Who, What, When

A brief overview of some blackjack tournaments & some renowned gamblers of blackjack who changed the history of the game.

Blackjack Gambling

Professional Blackjack Gamblers

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The number "21" has certainly been redefined by the game of blackjack. It is essentially considered as the most renowned casino table games in the world.


The popularity of blackjack is backed by some reputable tournaments; such as "World Series of Blackjack" (WSOB) a grand blackjack event, which is going to significantly increase in popularity due to the involvement of the GSN with the tournament.

Other well-known events include the Las-Vegas tournament organised by Hilton, the live money tournament called "New Frontier".

Famous Blackjack Players

Some of the well known players have been named below:

  • Standford Wong: He has reined the gambling arena for well over forty years now and is considered as the God Father in this field. He has also managed to pen his experiences into some bestselling books.
  • Micky Rosa:Best known as the author of Massachusetts Institute of Technology thesis based on the game of blackjack; he has also been featured in a renowned newspaper of New York Timesand in the book Bringing Down the House: An Inside Story of 6 MIT students who took Vegas for Millions.
  • Anthony Curtis: Well-known as a leading gambling authority as well as his book titled "Bargain City".
  • Don Schlesinger: One of the leading blackjack strategist and an expert in this field.
  • Frank Scoblete: Mainly known for his role as the leading author of nooks based on gambling.
  • Regina Guzior: A female player known as the smartest blackjack players of all time.