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We ensure complete authentic and secured way of registering our online visitors here at Basic Blackjack.

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Register User Information

Of the two ways to collect information, the primary one is by browsing the website where cookies are created with the help of phBB software. First two cookies are nothing but user identifier and session identifier assigned to the user automatically. The third cookie enables to store the browsed pages of the website for giving better browsing experience here in after. However there are scope for other cookies to get created but those are external to the said phBB software.

This is an automated way of collecting your information. The second most popular medium of collecting information is by the necessary inputs a visitor makes to register itself on the site. The mandatory fields are filled up and this provides the valuable data related to the user. The account even with the lowest information always contains an account name which is a unique name for every individual user. It can never match completely with another user of the site. A password to access your account which is obviously a highly secured one and also the valid e mail address of the use. All this are unique data and can never match with others.

Security of Data

The information as mentioned are secured with the help of the data protection laws at each prevalent country that is responsible for hosting the site to its citizen. There may be other information's required in the forum while registering yourself but this are usually optional or some maybe mandatory which a pure discretion of the website. But there is some discretion in the user hands too and that is nothing but the display of this personal information's of the user in profile visualisation. If he is unwilling, he may hide the personal data from other users. There is also an option to opt for automatically generated emails from the particular phBB software to hit you at specific times and intervals providing you with latest news of the forum, offers and the updates.

Password security is a major concern of all web hosting companies to protect their user's personal details. Here the password is ciphered to adorn it with utmost security. The password should never be used in other contemporary websites and in no circumstances should be shared with any person including affiliated personnel of the site. Passwords if forgotten can be easily reclaimed or new passwords can be registered in the particular website. To have the benefit of this service the user needs to click on the tab for "forgot password" and by feeding user-name and previously mentioned email address new passwords can be generated to claim the account by the user once again.