Odds in Blackjack, Insurance and House Edge

An article tells about the casino edge for blackjack game and some common strategies to use when you know your odds perfectly.

Blackjack Gambling

Odds in Blackjack

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The casino edge resembles a number that is calculated based on the assumption that the player makes correct judgements. Return percentage, also known as the % of pay out, is another theoretical number. This is the % that the players can keep, more precisely this amount is returned to the player if he/she makes all the decisions rightly. For instance, a 96% pay out rate, means the casino has an edge of 4% and the player loses out on 4% of the betted amount. Blackjack provides one of the highest odds of winning to the player than any other casino game.

Blackjack Strategies

By applying the basic strategies of the game, a player can easily play even with the edge of the casino. By doing so the odds of the player is between 2% to 5%. Therefore, if the player bets 100$, they will end up losing 2$ to 5$.
The rules underlying the blackjack games are dependent on the particular table on which you are playing. Therefore, the rules of these games vary widely and have a great impact on the player's chances of winning. Some casinos do offer a set of more lenient rules.

Insurance and House edge

Taking insurance is highly advisable in the case of card-counting and must be avoided when you get a blackjack. It is ideal when a particular deck contains tens, but in the absence of card-counting it is not really needed.