Blackjack Card Counting Charts: Basic Blackjack Strategy

This article gives an introductory understanding of the basic tactics used in blackjack, card counting charts for beginners.

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Blackjack Card Counting Charts

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The basic strategies are ideal for anyone who is willing to play blackjack without counting the cards. The outcomes of the games are found using appropriate calculations done by simultaneously playing the game millions of times with the help of computer simulations. These strategies require one to analyse the game mathematically rather than on intuition.

The basic blackjack strategies can help you in lowering the edge of the house to up to .5%, giving greater odds to the player of the game. Although it may sound unrealistic, it is quite possible to do so by playing such games which have relatively lenient rules. One such edge is provided in Fun Casino located within Las Vegas. Such basic strategies give the house an edge of 0.1%!

Finding the Edge of the Game

The main thing that you must consider is the number of deck of the cards in a game. For getting a better idea regarding which strategy to use and when, you can utilise the table given below.

The table can be used to understand the particular hand that you have, as summarised in the first column. For a better understanding use it in correspondence with a dealer's up-card. The European rules of the game differ as the game does not split against the dealer's ace. Memorising the basic rules of the game from the table would be a good idea and is not difficult at all.