Online Blackjack Tips, Tricks and Advice

Blackjack tips are necessary when you are serious about beating the dealer. We've got a few that will help you to do that.

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Trick The House With Our Blackjack Tips

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Blackjack has been an exciting and fascinating game for a very long time. Surprisingly, that many casino players prefer to avoid the blackjack table, just because they unacquainted with it's rules.

What Blackjack is About

To win at blackjack you must obtain your hands total close to 21 points, before the dealer do the same. The dealer has fewer possibilities than the player, that's why you'll need tips to make your game various all the time.

Basic Blackjack Tips

Here are basic advices and tips on blackjack. We're hoping you'll follow them from game to game and will increase your payouts. Simply remember - all tips are useful if you follow tha traditional blackjack strategy. You have to learn it and practice all the time, otherwise tips won't help you.

  • Learn to highlight the goal of the game. You don't need to score 21 points all the time. You have to beat the dealer and score more points than he, without exceeding.
  • Hit the card when your two initial cards equal 11.
  • Always allow that dealer may have a face-down 10-value card.
  • If your hand is between 12-16 always look at what dealer is drawing. Depending on that - make your decision.
  • If you got two Aces - split them, but never do the same with 5 or 10 pairs of cards as well as the with face cards.
  • It's good to split 9s, but only when the dealer has 9s too.
  • Always hit until you'll get a hand on 17.
  • If the dealer's card value lies between 2 and 6 - always stand.
  • You should also stand when your hands' total is from 17 to 20.
  • Many professional gamblers do not recommend to take insurance. Because in blackjack you need to beat the dealer. Forget about it!
  • Use your options to increase your odds.
  • Double down your wager. After that hit one more card in case you are sure you can beat the dealer. For example: your hands total is 10 or 11, while dealer stands at 9.

In the End

So, we've been examined the most suitable tips for blackjack to use. If you are interested in Blackjack Tips knows all online players are interested in beating the dealer - then blackjack is fully your game. Apart from tips look for some card counting systems - they might be useful in complex with our advices. Also blackjack rewards players who attentively and responsibly dig into its basics and rules, which are numerous all over the Internet and our site.

Feel free to play blackjack online if you are ready to gain the advantage over the blackjack house. Remember, that blackjack is a game, which needs skills and luck.